Most of life happens online nowadays; shopping included. Consumers search for something they want to buy, click on a link, and (poof!), just like magic, it appears on their doorsteps days later. That is why product photos are so important for ebusiness owners. Without clean, crisp photos, consumers will scroll right past you.

25th Shot offers white background product shoot for your products – jewelry, clothing and other apparel, food, artworks, and all other products. These highquality photos can then be uploaded on key shopping platforms and printed on catalogues.

25th Shot will help your business grow, improve customer satisfaction, and build your brand through crisp, clean, and professional product photos.

Single photo – $60 one photo

2-4 photos (10% off) – $54 per photo

5-9 photos (20% off) – $48 per photo

10-19 photos (30% off) – $42 per photo

20-49 photos (40% off) – $36 per photo

50-99 photos (50% off) – $30 per photo

100+ photos (60% off) – $24 per photo

3-business day rush – Add $95 for up to 10 photos

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

# Service Price
1 Ghost mannequin $75 per photo, flat rate.
A fitted look, no model required.
Using special techniques, apparel can be photographed styled on a mannequin, which is then removed in postproduction creating a hollow appearance commonly called ghost mannequin.
It’s a great solution allowing a fitted look without the need for a model.
When shipping garments we recommend using medium sizes when possible.2Hand modellingAdd $30 to any photo.
2 Hand modelling Add $30 to any photo.
An added touch. Great for showing products in use, demonstrating features, and giving a sense of scale, hand modelling can be added to any of our services above.Our studio staff and assistants will demonstrate your product while our photographers give direction. Your choice of male or female hands.
3 Custom shots
Need something not listed above? Custom shots offer an open-ended service allowing for more complex arrangements than what’s covered in the scope of our core services above.

We can help you grow your business

and build your brand through crisp, clean, and professional product photos.