Just because the event is over doesn’t mean our job is. Post-production editing is an important step in the photo and video production process.

The camera lens might capture the event’s magic but that’s only half of the story. The other half happens in editing. Choosing the highlights in the video and touching up the photos can turn a precious moment into a compelling and even more precious final product.

25th Shot offers a range of professional and high-quality photo and video production and editing packages at affordable prices. We are committed to help you create a final, ready-to-publish product that will tell your story, evoke genuine emotions, and make a powerful impression that lasts a lifetime.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

# Service Price
1 Photo 100-150 per hour
2 Video 150-250 per hour

Our final, ready-to-publish product will tell your story,

captivate hearts, and make a powerful impact that lasts a lifetime.