Exhibition at Goethe-Institute, Sydney, 18th May 2018

My next exhibition was held a few weeks later at Goethe-Institute. This time my exhibition was not the main feature of the night but rather a support act. I was offered to display my artwork to add a distinct visual effect to ‘Masters & Maestros’ piano recital by Alex Parkmen.  I, of course, was over the moon to be invited to take part, as I wanted to return the favour and express my gratitude to this brilliant pianist for supporting my previous exhibition at the Russian Consulate. I would also like to congratulate TopAct’s managing director Jeanne Alifanova on success in creating and organising these two great events. I feel honoured and privileged to work with professionals of this calibre.

Huge thanks to David, Johan and Michael from Goethe-Institute for their friendly help and professional advice and to Michael Acland for assisting me on a day-to day basis in making this event a big success.

On the night my artwork raised a lot of interest and I got a few solid commitments from patrons to purchase certain photographs in the weeks to come. I would like to mention that 10% of these sales will go to McGrath Foundation to support women fighting breast cancer.  This is not the first event I have done for McGrath and I pledge to continue supporting this foundation in the future.

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