There is no shortage of photography
firms out there but three things
make us different:

Our Origin Story

For many years, Anastasia Shrits has been working in Australia. Working on
different media and platforms; she has acquainted herself with the Australian
clients and the country’s photo industry.
She has an understanding of how the work will be showcased and who it will be
showcased to. Armed with this knowledge, she soon found out the gaps and
inadequacies in the photo industry and understands that filling these gaps will
lead to more successful work and greater client satisfaction.
Thus, 25th Shot was born.

Glitz and Glamour

For many years, 25th Shot’s Director of Photography Anastasia Shirts has been the photographer of choice of many Russian celebrities.

Besides photographing Russian stage and film celebrities and models; Anastasia has also worked with different music bands and created the popular Cabaret Show. She has also worked as a head photographer for a local Russian newspaper and chronicled many Russian social events.

The 25th Shot team is definitely no stranger to the limelight and can bring the glitz and glamor to your event.

Passion for People

Very few photographers have the innate ability to connect with people at a personal level. What sets us apart is that instead of focusing on the shot; the 25th Shot Team focuses on the people.

What does the client want? How does the client feel? What would put the client at ease? We are dedicated to setting the right conditions for you to feel comfortable so we could capture the perfect moment from the perfect angle.

We are serious about telling your stories through photographs but, more importantly, we’re serious about you.


What makes 25thShot so different to others and better equipped to deliver successful outcome for the clients is Anastasia’s Shrits unique ability and talent to see what others don’t see. Condition clients and put them in the right state of mind and capture the moment from the right angle.

And all that brings clients back for repeat orders and assignments.

25thShot is available for booking in:

  • All type of photography and video
  • D.O.P. services
  • All type of celebration and events (cabaret show, photography & video provided), DJ services also available

Satisfaction to the clients will be delivered!

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