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Why “25th Shot”?

It is said that the human eye is only able to see 24 frames per second. The 25th frame, therefore, is said to bypass the eyes and travel directly into a person’s subconscious.

This makes the 25th frame unseen but very much embedded in a person’s memory. This makes the 25th frame the subliminal stimuli, detected by and able to affect a person’s mind without them being aware of it. This makes the 25th frame magical.

Like a hopeless romantic, I fell in love with the idea of the 25th frame. This mystical 25th frame is what I want my clients and anyone viewing the images I make to experience every time.

Thus, my company, 25th Shot was born.

I want every photo I take to be unforgettable. I want every image to leave an indelible visual experience in my audience’s brains. Like a timeless piece of art, I want every shot to be that hypnotic 25th frame; forever embedded in the minds of the people in the shot and those who will see it.

Come join me on this remarkable journey.

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What sets us apart


Let us tell your story through our state-of-the-art photography equipment including Canon 5D Mark III, a full range of professional lens, portable studio, lights & softboxes. Our expert editors with their topnotch editing tools, LightRoom and PhotoShop will make your story come to life.


You can’t go wrong with 14 years’ worth of photography experience! Reportage, portraits, portfolio, editorial covers, events coverage, product shots, weddings; you name it, we’ve done it.


We’re not just photographers; we’re master craftsmen. We live and breathe creativity. Just pick a theme, and leave the rest to us. From unique photo shoot ideas to magical and unforgettable moments captured on film, we’ve got you covered.


We are committed to you and your needs. We are committed to people, first and foremost. We are available on short notice. We are flexible when it comes to time, place, payment schemes, and services. Tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

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Hundreds of satisfied customers


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