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Why “25th Shot”?

It was a resonance on a TV about 25th frame. Some scientists put forward a theory about “hidden frames adversely affect people’s subconscious”. That the human eye can catch only 24 frames per second and the 25th is the magical one. Imagine the old-fashion video.

That theory makes my imagination work – “what if every photo I take would be like a 25th shot for people!? You’ve seen it ones – you can’t forget!
Every art photo, every reportage picture, every portrait is a resonant for human imagination! Visual experience that makes a mark in your subconscious…”

I fell in love with that idea like a hopeless romantic and called my company – the 25th Shot.

So, my dear friends, welcome to my World!

Why choose 25th shot?

Our main differences


Canon 5D Mark III
Full range of professional lens
Portable studio
Lights & softboxes
Expert editing skills
LightRoom & PhotoShop


14 years of experience
in numerous fields.
Great at reportages,
portraits, portfolios,
image shots, covers,
and many others


Just pick a theme and
I’ll provide ideas  on
how to create a unique
and memorable photoshoot
Creativity my friend!


Available on short notice.
Very flexible with time,
location, payment structure,
and additional services.

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Hundreds of satisfied customers


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